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Rifle Rod Sets


Rifle Rods will stabilize your guns in the upright position, opening up space for up to 50% more guns. To install, staple the loop fabric (included in Starter Kits) under the top shelf in your safe. Drop the Velcro™ headed Rifle Rod down the barrel of the long gun and pull up to attach the hook and loop. Works great with scopes, double barrels, even bazookas! Rifle Rods are simply a sturdy plastic rod with a Velcro™ head.


Before - 24 guns, After - 26 with room for 6 more     Very Neat Cabinet


Rifle Rod Tip         Rifle Rod in Use

Description SKU # Price
10 Rifle Rods, 15"x19" Fabric (Up to 18 Long Guns) ST-9028 $37.00
20 Rifle Rods, 19"x30" Fabric (Up to 36 Long Guns) DT-9029 $70.00
40 Rifle Rods, 15"x60" Fabric (Up to 72 Long Guns) DT-9030 $135.00
Rifle Rod Expansion Pack (6 Rods) (To add more guns!) DT-9027 $17.00
.17 Caliber Rifle Rods (2 Pack) DT-9026 $9.50


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