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Handgun Hangers


Clear off the shelf space in your safe and expand the capacity with Handgun Hangers. Handgun Hangers are a one-gun pistol hanger that will slide under any standard, - ⅞" thick shelf. They are powder coated steel with rubber ends so they will not damage guns. Handgun Hangers fit as small as a 22 caliber gun and are made to slip in anywhere there is a little extra space.  For longer barrels or very heavy guns use the magnum hangers.


Description SKU # Price
Handgun Hanger (6 Pack) DT-9023 $25.00
Magnum Handgun Hanger (2 Pack) DT-9025 $10.50
Handgun Hanger (2 Pack) DT-9023 $10.00
Bedframe Handgun Hanger (1 Pack) DT-9034 $5.00

The Bedframe hangers fit over a frame up to 1" thick and are covered by the covers or dust ruffle. (They also are good for thick shelves.)


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