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Clay Throwers

White Wing
The Wobbler

We carry the White Wing Clay thrower.  It will throw clays 70-80 yards and is battery operated.  The base can be set from an angle of 5 degrees to 35 degrees.  Clays are controlled by a foot pedal that can be placed just about anywhere because of the three prong design of the wire it can be extended with any normal extension cord.  The frame itself is powder coated for a long lasting finish. 

And when you think that throwing clays from the same direction all of the time is getting boring, you can attach the "Wobbler".  With the Wobbler attached you never know which way the clay will go.

With just the thrower or with the Wobbler attached you can look forward to many hours of fantastic clay shooting with minimal of effort with the the White Wing on your side.


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Last modified: 10/22/10